200 Series: Edit

Col # Name Notes Photo
257C BMW M3
BMW M3 - Majorette - Gris métal
204 Gran Turismo Modified Ferrari F50
Gran Turismo - Majorette - Gris
280 GT Proto Modified Ferrari F40
GT Proto - Majorette - Jaune
211 GT Racing Modified Ferrari Testarossa
GT Racing - Majorette - Bleu
294B Jaguar S-Type
Jaguar S-Type - Majorette - Bordeau
247B Porsche 928 Modified Porsche 928 Police
Porsche 928 Police - Majorette - Gold
210S Racing Proto Modified Ferrari 456 GT
Racing Proto - Majorette - Noir
221D Renault Scenic
Renault Scenic - Majorette - Vert1
213/14 Roadster Reissued & modified
Roadster - Majorette - Rouge Racing
216S Sports Car Modified Ferrari GTO
Sports Car - Majorette - Rouge Driver 2

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