Welcome to the Majorette Diecast DatabaseEdit

Majorette Diecast Database aims to list the 3-inches models (and all their versions) produced by the famous French brand since its creation, and more particularly those from the 200 Series, but it is also about 300 Series and 600 Series.

I try to be as accurate as possible by relying on official catalogs, my own collection and websites like Majorette-rail-route, Passion Majorette, or Les Petites 3-inches (and Public Safety Diecast for Emergency vehicles).

This Wiki is only made for collectors, by a collector. Please consider that I can make mistakes. It's not always easy to trace the chronology of each model, and more particularly those from the 1970s.

Majorette Diecast Database is also a community site and your help is welcome, but please make sure that you respect the language rules and layout parameters already established in order to guarantee the cohesion and readability of this wiki.

The photos used to illustrate the pages have been retrieved here and there on the web. If you own it and it bothers you to find them here, let me know and I will withdraw them. They will be removed as and when I own these models and / or have time to photograph them, but I am already busy with the creation of all pages at the moment.

What's New? Edit

Models updates? Check the new images

New pages
Rouleau Compresseur
Ferrari 312 T2
Volkswagen Golf (Mk III)
Nissan 300 ZX Turbo
Mercedes-Benz Limousine
GMC Jimmy
Chevrolet Blazer
Limited Edition Series 4 - Glow In The Dark
Peugeot 405 MI 16
Lamborghini Diablo

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